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It Takes Two To Tango

Imagine a gymnasium filled with a grade seven students. They’re scattered around the room in mixed pairs of girls and boys. They’re holding hands. They’re looking each other ...

Jazzing Up History Class

Educators teaching history may find guidance in the genius of Miles Davis’ advice to musicians, “Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.” In 2011, while I was working ...

Ukulele in the Classroom

Making music with a ukulele is a great group learning experience. Classes as young as grade three can learn the elements of music. Ukuleles are a good size and price, and they ...

Drama: Circle Name Game

A simple way to start creating a sense of community among students is through icebreakers, such as variations of the ‘name game.’

Teachers Learn the Two-Step

For students who can’t communicate very well in traditional ways—through written tests, essays, and exercises—dance is one way for them to share feelings.

Teaching the Arts in the Far East

Seeking a new experience teaching music, I decided to cross an ocean and arrived in Hong Kong in August 2004. In the process, I discovered that teaching the arts is really ...