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Homework Helper Apps

Homework Helper Apps

Originally published in TEACH Magazine, September/October 2019 Issue

It’s no surprise that some kids often neglect their homework. After spending almost seven hours a day at school, can you really blame them? A little online support, however, can go a long way. With the right aids to help them during their moments of struggle, kids might be likely to do better in their homework. Some of the following resources could lend a helping hand.

Fact Monster
(Free – Website)

Packed with information on dozens of topics, this fun-to-use reference site helps users find quick answers to their homework questions. From world events and the human body, to formulas and fractions, Fact Monster’s Homework Help centre has got it all. Users can also find tips on improving writing and study skills, and access multiple tools such as an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, periodic table, and spell checker.

Khan Academy
(Free – iOS, Android, Website)

This non-profit educational platform has been designed as a useful tool to accelerate student education. Whether it’s a math problem or a historical fact, this site knows no boundaries. Users can learn from the many short video tutorials available. Khan Academy also has personalized learning resources for all ages in subjects such as math, science, computer programming, history, and economics. It’s free and available in more than 36 languages.

National Geographic Kids
(Free – Website)


From animal facts to maps to all things space, Nat Geo Kids has a section dedicated to helping students ace their school assignments. Students can even access Nat Geo’s expansive Resource Library of encyclopedic entries spanning topics such as biology, oceanography, earth science, geology, ancient civilizations, and more. Looking for an idea for a science project? There’s a whole host of creative science experiments on subjects like electrical charges, chemical explosions, and food chemistry.

(Free – Website)

Convincing kids to take an interest in literacy learning isn’t a cakewalk, but with the use of this site, things might become a little simpler. ReadWriteThink provides students with a variety of free resources to help them enhance their reading and writing skills. Catering to students from K–12, the website offers tools, printouts, and podcasts that students can employ after school. Whether you need book review templates, poem writing tips, or essay writing help, this site provides resources for it all.

(Free – iOS, Android)

Here’s an app that will help kids breeze through their homework and give them more time to play and unwind! Using Artificial Intelligence, Socratic works by allowing students to take photos of their homework problems in almost any subject and upload them to the app for help. Students in turn receive instant explanations, tutorial videos, definitions, and more. Why wouldn’t they enjoy something that makes their life easier?