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Math Scores: Why is This a Problem?

There are indications that student math scores are slipping. While the picture isn’t entirely clear, and while the situation is far from calamitous, it’s evident that

The STEM Effect

Certain buzz words and topics come and go in the arena of education. Currently, the word to know is STEM.

Learning Math Through Movement

The typical image of math class conjures up a scene of students bent studiously over worksheets, working out problems on paper. Imagine a math class where kids are hopping up ...

Who Should Teach Financial Literacy to Kids?

Kyle Provost, a high school teacher in Manitoba, moved to a rural town outside Winnipeg for his current teaching gig. With no rental opportunities in the area, Provost’s only ...

Using Inquiry-Based Learning to Teach Math

My Inquiry-Based Learning journey started in 2012. I was skeptical at first, having made it through a Ph.D. program being taught almost exclusively with the traditional ...