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Fear Not The Robot

Robots aren’t just hobbies for students tinkering in basements or garages anymore. Many schools start robotics classes after seeing how popular the clubs are. This may make ...

Taking STEM Outside the Classroom

A survey by the National Association of Independent Schools found that 82 percent of high school students are sometimes or often bored in class. Todd Ablett has a simple ...

Keeping Water Education Fresh

This round of hopscotch is for life. It appears typical at first—students jumping down the course, but they are all holding empty cups in their hands and fill them with water ...

Making Time for Outdoor Activity

A recent survey conducted by the David Suzuki Foundation finds that 70 percent of today’s youth (aged 13 20 years old) don’t spend any more than one hour a day outside. This ...

Amphibians in Space

This is the story of a scientist, a group of high school students and an unusual, but highly successful, research collaboration.

Body Worlds: Anatomy and Art

As humans we are intricate beings, powerful, yet fragile, but until recently, only medical students have had the privilege of looking at the human body