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Group Work Communication Apps

These apps and websites can help students maintain productivity while exchanging their work and discussing their projects.

Homework Helper Apps

With the right aids to help them during their moments of struggle, kids might be likely to do better in their homework.


The summer holidays are the perfect time to brainstorm new teaching ideas and classroom activities. Get inspired with the help of these podcasts.

Language Apps

Planning a vacation abroad this summer? You might want to consider picking up a foreign language to help you on your travels.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Here are some websites and resources to help you and your students learn more about the complex process of recycling.

Black History Month

Learning about Black History is much more than slavery and civil rights. It’s also about celebrating the achievements of many Black Canadians.

Webstuff: Travel Tips

When summer vacation rolls around you—just like your students—are ready for a break. Sometimes though, planning your getaway can be as tedious as watching the hands move ...