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The Power of Assisted Technology in Learning

The Power of Assisted Technology in Learning

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Originally published May 2018

In 2017, YMCA Academy was the winner of CDW Canada’s Teaching with Technology Twitter contest. The school received 28 laptops, which will help increase the knowledge and use of IT tools in the classroom.

CDW asked the students to explain how technology could enhance their specific classroom experience. The YMCA Academy went the extra mile and linked together various student testimonials showcasing the importance of assistive technologies.

“They created a page on the school’s website ( to explain how assisted technologies make it possible for them to learn, which really made them stand out,” said their senior account manager at CDW Canada.

For example, one student explained that the speech-to-text technology enables him to focus on his thoughts, ideas and answers to questions as opposed to focusing on how to write them correctly. While the speech recognition allows him to complete his school work on-site at the Academy, with the new laptops he will now be able to do this when on field trips – something he couldn’t have done in the past.

Not only do these assisted technologies help break down obstacles to learning, they also prepare students for their future lives outside of the classroom in a world that’s being transformed by technology.

“We are looking forward to using these new lightweight laptops on our next camping trip or visit to the ROM so we can continue the experiential learning outside of the classroom,” said Nagy. “With help from CDW Canada, we can ensure that learning is borderless.”

“Being able to work with CDW Canada and relaying our needs to them resulted in a safe online environment for our students — one that’s not oppressive and still allows them to do their work and reap the positive benefits of the web.”