Canadian Mysteries

Canadian Mysteries

Everyone loves a good mystery. The “Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History” project invites users to try to solve some of Canada’s oldest mysteries. Canadian Mysteries features documents, maps, and 3-D crime reconstructions and images surrounding these famous cold cases. The material is presented in an interactive and engaging format.

The educational philosophy of the project is based on the “document-centred inquiry” and “active learning” pedagogical thinking method. Students are required to use their research strategies and critical thinking skills to defend who they believed killed William Robinson, for example. There are also guides that help teachers integrate the websites into their teaching.

Other mysteries include: We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War, Aurore: the mystery of the martyred child, Torture and the truth: Angélique and the burning of Montreal, Heaven and hell on Earth: the massacre of the “Black” Donnellys, Explosion on the Kettle Valley Line: The death of Peter Verigin, Where is Vinland?, Jerome: The mystery Mme of Baie-St. Marie, Who discovered Klondike Gold?, The Redpath mansion mystery, “Death on a painted lake: the Tom Thomson tragedy, and Death of a diplomat: Herbert Norman and the Cold War.

Each site focuses on a different theme: slavery, aboriginal issues, disease, vigilante rule, terrorism, religious dissent, early settlement, care of the handicapped, and family violence are only a few. The mysteries are drawn from all the regions and the full range of eras in Canadian history. Each site is also bilingual.

In addition to the main mystery sites there are 30 smaller Mystery Quests, that are one or two class assignments for students aged 11-18.

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