Lighthouses of Atlantic Canada

Lighthouses of Atlantic Canada
By David Baird
Published by Red Deer Press
Reviewed by Martha Beach

Canada’s east coast has several hundred lighthouses, and this beautiful text, Lighthouses, features nearly 250 of them.

There is a huge amount of information included in this text. It is complete with full-colour photographs, historical and cultural facts, and even directions of how to reach the lighthouses that are accessible to the public. Also included are special in-depth chapters that focus of different types of lighthouses and well as how the actual lights themselves work.

And, while Lighthouses includes a lot of information and photos, it is still a good size, about the size of a textbook: big enough to have detailed pictures and a nice layout, but not as enormous as a coffee-table book.

The real treats though are the stories surrounding each of the lighthouses. The stories included by the author are accounts of personal sacrifice, heroism and ingenuity, and are as much a part of the buildings as wood it is made out of.

From the well-known Peggy’s Point Cove to remote parts of Atlantic Canada, there are stories, photos and facts galore.

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