The Allergy-Free Cookbook

The Allergy-Free Cookbook
By Alice Sherwood
Published by DK
Reviewed by Lisa Tran

The Allergy-Free Cookbook is unique. There are no dismal, “special diet” versions of recipes. Instead there are dishes from around the world that center on ingredients other than eggs, dairy, gluten, and nuts.

It may seem like gluten-free and dairy-free diets are mere trends or the latest gimmicks for quick weight loss, but for many, these food intolerances and allergies can be life threatening. That’s why Allergy-Free Cookbook is different. Sherwood is a real mom who prepares real meals for a son with real food allergies.

This cookbook has more than 100 recipes for meals, snacks, and lunchboxes as well as for suppers and birthday parties. By experimenting with polenta and potato flour, for example, Sherwood has invented a gluten-free crunchy shortcrust pastry.

With The Allergy-Free Cookbook, everyone’s invited to dinner!

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