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Virtual Field Trips: Honey Bees

Virtual Field Trips: Honey Bees

Originally published in TEACH Magazine, July/August 2021 Issue

Almost 80 percent of flowering plants around the globe need the help of pollinators. One of every three bites of food we eat is due to their pollinating efforts, and honey bees alone are responsible for adding nearly $6 billion to the Canadian economy each year. But bee populations are rapidly declining due to pesticides, parasites, and habitat loss. In some areas, up to 90 percent of bees have disappeared.

It is important to teach students about the essential role bees play in food production and how they contribute to healthy ecosystems. Celebrate the complex and fascinating world of honey bees—and learn what steps can be taken to protect them—with these virtual field trips.

Beekeepers: How Honey is Made
by Kidvision

  • Video for Grades K–3

by PBS Learning Media

  • Resources for Grades K–12

Honey Bees
by Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom


  • Virtual field trip for Grades 3–5
  • A virtual field trip for Grades 6–8 is also available

Virtual Beehive
by Arizona State University Bee Laboratory

  • Virtual tour for Grades 4–6

Virtual Field Trips About Bees
by Gees Bees

  • Virtual field trips for Grades K–6
  • (Also available in French)

Virtual Honeybee Centre Classes
by Honeybee Centre

  • Virtual presentations for Grades K–6