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Virtual Field Trips: Space and the Night Sky

Virtual Field Trips: Space and the Night Sky

Originally published in TEACH Magazine, September/October 2021 Issue

When we look up at the night sky, we can see stars, planets, and entire worlds beyond our own. But what are we really looking at? What’s really out there in space? From constellations to solar systems, astronomy to astronauts, these virtual field trips introduce students to important discoveries that humans have made about the universe, our part in it, and the countless mysteries and complexities still to be explored. With the help of field trips like these, it’s now possible to take students on journeys that are out of this world without ever having to leave the classroom!

Let’s Learn About the Solar System!
by Joyful Learning

  • Resources for Grades K–3

RVCC Planetarium Virtual Field Trips
by Raritan Valley Community College

  • Virtual field trips for Grades K–12
  • Check out the videos on the RVCC Planetarium YouTube channel as well

Slime in Space: A Virtual Field Trip
by Nickelodeon


  • Virtual field trip for Grades 3–5


  • Virtual planetarium for Grades K–12

Virtual Field Trips
by the Manitoba Museum

  • Virtual field trips for Grades K–12

Virtual Planetarium Shows
by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

  • Virtual experiences for grades K-8