Heart Pro for iPad

View the human heart up close in real 3D with Heart Pro on the iPad. The Heart Pro is comprised of four different layers, the heart tissue, veins, arteries and conduction nerves. Rotate, spin, zoom, label, or dissect different areas with your fingertips. Also available are animations and quizzes. The Heart Pro is aimed at students with a basic to advanced level of anatomical medical knowledge as well as medical professionals.

3 comments on "Heart Pro for iPad"

  1. Peter

    Haven’t seen this app but it looks useful.

    • Lisa Tran

      It is very useful and visually stunning. We can set you up with a trial for the iPad if you have a US iTunes account.

  2. jennifer farnham

    I love this application- It is so cool to spin that heart around and cut it open- Wow !

    I have bought 3 products from this company. Hope they continue the great work.

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