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Food Literacy

Food Literacy

Originally published in TEACH Magazine, November/December 2019 Issue

You probably need a magnifying glass to find a kid that doesn’t enjoy junk food. Still, it’s important to make sure they understand the difference between what’s healthy and what’s not. Field trips that teach kids about nutrition add value to their health and knowledge. Whether it’s a trip to a farm, a grocery store, or a cooking class, simply being able to differentiate between right and wrong can go a long way. Here are some places kids can visit to learn what’s best for their bodies.

Blue Flame Kitchen
Calgary, AB

Blue Flame Kitchen is based in Alberta and provides information on cooking, recipes, and how-to’s for common household problems. The company also offers in-school field trips for kids in the Edmonton and Calgary area. These sessions, taught by Home Economists, inform students about the nutrients in their food, what different nutrients do in the body, and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. Afterward, kids can apply their newly acquired information by making simple, healthy snacks. No kitchen is required for classes to participate in this field trip and all food and materials are included.

Choices Markets
Burnaby, BC

Choices Market is a BC-owned and operated retailer of natural, organic, and specialty foods. In addition to being a green grocer, Choices also values education and offers free tours led by registered dieticians and holistic nutritionists. Visiting students can learn about food facts and understand what food is right for them and their needs. Along with that, the tours offer recipes and cooking tips to help turn their groceries into nutritious meals. Kids can also learn about various topics during the tour such as plant-based diets and the effects of sugar and Type 2 Diabetes.


Food Share
Toronto, ON

Kids need to know what goes in their bodies to make an educated decision about what to eat and what not to eat. This organization promotes knowledge of positive eating by pairing up with communities and schools through a variety of initiatives. Their award-winning food literacy program, Field to Table, teaches K–12 students everything from composting and gardening, to cooking and tasting, to food justice, and serene nature connections. The workshops engage students while strongly connecting to the curriculum.

Winnipeg, MB

Nüton is a team of registered dietitians committed to teaching food literacy and eating competence. They provide nutrition programs and workshops that focus on knowledge, skills, and positive perspective to make food choices. With several opportunities to learn and taste, Nüton offers a variety of classroom experiences for K–12 students. Programs include SUPERCHEF, where younger students can learn about healthy eating by making and sampling fun age-appropriate recipes. For Grade 4 classes, Cooking Quest challenges students to conquer quests, prepare dishes, and earn cash donations for school feeding programs.