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Apply to the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship! 

Apply to the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship! 

Originally published February 2023

This post is sponsored by AITC-C

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Scholarships reap tremendous rewards for students, but encouraging high school students to apply can be a challenge. A process that should be exciting quickly becomes overwhelming for students and teachers.

Ready for some great news? The DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship, powered by thinkAG, doubles as a career-education assignment with diverse submission options for students.

Open to students in grades 10-12 (Secondary 4-5 in Quebec) nationwide, this scholarship aims to inspire Canadian youth to reflect on the impact they can have on a sustainable future by informing, empowering, and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to think critically about their food choices and career decisions.  

Fueled by Agriculture in the Classroom Canada’s (AITC-C) career exploration initiative, thinkAG, the scholarship connects students with the multitude of important professions that exist within the agriculture and food sector, helping them recognize how their interests and skills can be utilized in this evolving industry.

Generously supported by Dairy Farmers of Canada, the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship was developed to inspire Canadian youth to play an active role in contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow by providing students with the opportunity to explore how they can make an impact locally and nationally.

Agriculture is much more than farming—it’s the food, fibre, feed, and fuel that we use daily. More than 2 million Canadians are employed within the agriculture and food industry, helping to bring these items to people and animals worldwide through research, technology, marketing, transportation, primary production, processing, packaging, selling, and more.

This scholarship provides a unique option for teachers to use the application journey as a career-education opportunity and meet learning outcomes. It focuses on intrinsic reflection and defining sustainability through the lens of students’ original ideas and critical thinking.

To participate, students must submit one of the following: a written essay (1,500 words), a video (3 minutes), or a visual arts piece (drawing, painting, design, craft, photography, etc.), answering key questions relating to their interests, agriculture and food careers, and global sustainability. Submissions are to be completed independently; however, educators can support students in the scholarship application process by assigning it as a project for course evaluation or extra credit.

By providing guidance in the classroom, you will inspire students to make plans for a sustainable and fulfilling future and provide them with the opportunity to win money for passion projects or post-secondary tuition.

“We hope this scholarship will embolden students to consider a career in agriculture and become stewards of the land, helping to care for our planet and feed our nation for years to come.” – Pierre Lampron, president of Dairy Farmers of Canada.

The scholarship will be open for applications from February 1st to May 1st, 2023.

To learn more, visit DFC Here For Tomorrow Scholarship | thinkAG.