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Help Your Students Level Up Their Investment Literacy

Help Your Students Level Up Their Investment Literacy

Originally published June 2023

This post is sponsored by Fidelity Canada

Fidelity’s Money Gains makes learning about investing fun, easy, and accessible.

How soon is too soon? When it comes to wrapping their minds around the world of investments and seeing their money grow, giving students an early start on their investment journey is key to helping them reach their life goals. From saving for their first car, to travelling the world, to setting themselves up for independence, students have a lot to gain from knowing how to grow their money.

Smart investing requires understanding the fundamentals. Business teachers—you know what’s up. You also know how best to connect with your students, not only to grab their attention but to hold onto it.

That’s why Fidelity Investments Canada created Money Gains, a suite of free, short videos that simplify concepts and demonstrate the value of investing at an early age. Our videos take an age-appropriate approach, using content relevant to high-school students, with conversational and approachable language and short-and-sweet formats. In an age of bingeing, we built our content to be easy to consume, easy to grasp and easy to share.

Using meaningful, real-life examples, Money Gains covers topics like

  • how different types of investments can give you different results
  • what asset classes are, and why they matter
  • why compounding is the real secret to making your money work for you
  • understanding the difference between saving and investing
  • the importance of setting goals
  • investment risk and return principles

What’s in it for them?

Students can easily learn to master the ABCs of investing with our series of easy-to-follow educational videos. Step by step, they’re taken through what it takes to get the most out of their money, giving them a solid foundation that sets them up for success.

What’s in it for you?

We want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to make investment education available and accessible in and out of the classroom. For educators in Ontario, we’ve created a Classroom Toolkit to support integrating Money Gains into your lesson plans for MTH1W, BBI1O/2O and GLC2O. More resources are in the works for teachers across Canada.

With more videos and topics planned for the future, we’re just getting started with Money Gains. Stay tuned for more videos about investing knowledge from our experts and resources to support classroom discussion.

To get your students started on their investment knowledge journey, explore the full Money Gains series: Money Gains: Making it count.

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