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Theatres for Kids

Theatres for Kids

Originally published in TEACH Magazine, September/October 2019 Issue

Lights, camera, action! The grandeur of the big stage, colourful costumes, and the thrill of live performance—it can all be an unforgettable experience for kids of all ages. What’s more, field trips to live theatres are said to enhance students’ understanding of story elements such as plots, vocabulary, and social perspectives. Many theatres for young people offer creative performances, as well as curriculum-linked workshops and resources so that kids leave with a well-rounded experience. Take a look at some of these offerings.

L’Arrière Scène
Beloeil, QC

L’Arrière Scène is a francophone theatre company outside Montreal that offers a diverse variety of programs, which take a sensitive look at the challenges of the world. Among the topics covered are the construction of oneself in Je suis chantier (I am Building); immigration in Conte du Soleil (Tale of the Sun); the notion of gender in Le problème avec le rose (The Problem with the Rose); resilience in Petite Sorcière (Little Witch); and learning the world in Les Saisons du Poulain (The Seasons of the Foal).

Carousel Theatre for Young People
Vancouver, BC

With an aim to develop emotional literacy in young people, CTYP brings important themes to the stage such as friendship, sharing, imagination, and mental illness. For example, their Peter Pan production circles around the themes of growing up, imagination, and exploration.

Manitoba Theatre for Young People
Winnipeg, MB


Catering to audiences between 3–19 years old, MTYP allows students to explore meaningful topics, such as family and illness in Tiny Treasures, or love and adventure in New Owner. The theatre also offers a variety of creative expression workshops in acting, improv, puppet making, and more.

Theatre Calgary
Calgary, AB

Through their vast focus on educating viewers, this theatre offers various activities to enhance learning. Future student matinees include The Louder We Get, inspired by the true story of Marc Hall who fought the Catholic school system for the right to take his boyfriend to prom; and Admissions, a production that looks at the culture of private schools.

Young People’s Theatre
Toronto, ON

YPT offers plays designed to address curriculum areas such as music, language, equity, and social studies. Current shows include The Mush Hole, a dance performance about truths of the Mohawk Institute residential schools; and A Million Billion Pieces that finds the beauty of life in difficult circumstances.