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Chocolate Tours

Originally published in TEACH Magazine, January/February 2024 Issue

Have you ever wanted to give your students a real-life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adventure? Well, now you can, without the danger of being pranked by Oompa-Loompas! Chocolate factory tours offer unique—and delicious—ways to learn about the process of making chocolate and the origins of cacao beans. Not only will you and your students have the opportunity to indulge in some yummy samples, you’ll also gain an appreciation for the hard work that goes into creating every savoury piece of chocolate. Here are several chocolate factory tours that can help your class discover the magic behind this irresistible treat.

CFX: The Chocolate Factory Experience
St. Davids, ON

Tours of this artisanal chocolate factory delve into its history and the chocolate moulding process, while also giving insights into panning and packaging procedures. Best of all, tour groups can witness chocolate making in action through a viewing window that looks onto the production floor. On the way out, make sure to stop by the Chocolate Bar for a taste of real melted chocolate, and definitely snap some photos at the selfie wall as well! This tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes the opportunity to sample some of CFX’s most popular products. It is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all ages.

Dandelion Chocolate
San Francisco, CA

Take a tour of Dandelion Chocolate’s historic brick factory and discover the fascinating world of chocolate making. From sourcing to production, learn about every step of the process while indulging in the rich aroma of freshly roasted cacao beans. You and your students will observe skilled chocolate makers at work and sample everything from fresh cacao pulp to finished chocolates. The tour lasts an hour and requires some walking, so make sure everyone wears comfy shoes!

Chocolaterie Érico
Quebec City, QC


Érico’s Chocolate Museum offers free self-guided tours that take you on a journey through the history of chocolate—from ancient Mayan civilizations to modern day. Visitors can explore the museum’s fascinating collection of 200+ artifacts from Mexico, the Caribbean islands, and Europe, and learn about the cacao plant along the way. Don’t miss the incredible chocolate creations on display and, if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the chocolatiers at work through a window that looks into the kitchen. This cute shop is a must-visit spot that’s sure to keep the younger students engaged and entertained, without being too overwhelming.

Goodnow Farms Chocolate
Sudbury, MA

Chocolate connoisseurs should definitely check out this award-winning, single-origin chocolate factory. Goodnow Farms runs tours where visitors can learn all about the chocolate making process, from roasting and grinding cacao beans to moulding and pressing chocolate. You’ll even get to taste different beans and sample delicious, finished chocolates in the farm’s 225-year-old barn. As an added bonus, visitors will walk away with a complimentary chocolate bar that’s only available on the tour! Note that this factory visit does involve a significant amount of walking and standing, which may not be suitable for younger students or those with limited mobility.

Hershey’s Chocolate World
Hershey, PA

Indulge in a fun and tasty experience on this free ride through Hershey’s chocolate factory! Here you and your students can witness the magic of tropical cacao beans being transformed into thousands of mouth-watering chocolates that twist and turn along conveyor belts. Don’t forget to capture these unforgettable memories with a few photos and savour some delectable samples at the end of the 30-minute tour. Hershey’s Chocolate Tour is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all ages.