Field Trips

Field Trips: Canadian Social Studies — Ottawa-Gatineau

Situated along the Rideau Canal, our nation’s capital is the ideal destination for students to learn about Canada’s political history. Discover why Queen Victoria selected Ottawa as the capital as you stand where she once stood, along the banks of the Rideau Canal. Sit in on a House of Commons session to learn how a bill is passed through Parliament. Commemorate the efforts of Canada’s war veterans and heroes at the National War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.

Also in Ottawa is the Bank of Canada’s Currency Museum. A visit will teach students how older forms of currency worked, view examples of coinage and notes from Canada’s earliest days, and gain insight into the importance of reliable currency in a modern economy. Continue learning about Canada’s heritage and citizenship at the Library of Parliament with curriculum-based interactive activities and tours. Finally, students can judge for themselves the roles and responsibilities of the judicial system by visiting the Supreme Court of Canada.

A field trip series centred around social studies presents students with opportunities to actively experience Canada’s rich history. Trips to some of Canada’s oldest and historic institutions will enhance students’ appreciation for our national identity.

Field Trip Opportunities:

Currency Museum

Canadian Museum of Civilization — Gatineau, Quebec


National War Memorial and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Parliament Hill

Royal Canadian Mint

Supreme Court of Canada