Kill Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare
By Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col, and Andy Belanger
Published by IDW Publishing
Ages 14+

Kill Shakespeare is a new graphic novel series retelling some of Shakespeare’s most famous works for the 21st Century reader.

The novel is a dark tale that presents a never before seen take on the Bard. The story puts Shakespeare’s greatest heroes and most menacing villains in the same world and pits them against each other on a quest to save, or kill, a reclusive wizard…a wizard named William Shakespeare. The story comes to life in a 12 part comic book series.

Kill Shakespeare is an exciting journey that rejuvenates Shakespeare’s best works in a form that is both original and relevant to today’s youth.

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  1. Kent Allin

    Kill Shakespeare is an awesome resource for teaching and introducing students to Shakespeare, as well as graphic literature. Not only does it provide a visual reference to Shakespeare’s characters, it also gives students a sense of what these characters represent. This allows students to connect what they have read in Kill Shakespeare to any of Shakespeare’s plays we read and that opens up some very good discussion and comparison.

    I have used Kill Shakespeare for several years, from Academic to Applied, Grades 9-12 and have only had success and positive feedback from students.

    Plus the creators of Kill Shakespeare have an amazing presentation that gives insight into the entire medium of Graphic Literature.

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