Tuned Out

Tuned Out by Karen Hume

Published by Pearson

The fast-paced technology-driven society in which our students thrive, often results in a disconnect between life inside the classroom and life outside the classroom. Tuned Out is a practical resource for educators that focuses on improving student engagement in the 21st century.

This professional book begins by defining and measuring engagement and discusses what we don’t know about disengagement. Author Karen Hume then explores the five keys to student engagement: competence, creativity, community, context, and challenge.

Tuned Out is an innovative guide with clearly defined topics of discussions. The subsections have intriguing titles such as, 15 300 Hours, Searching the Haystack, and Hard Fun. There are also illustrative case studies and in the margins there are extension links for videos, additional research, teaching tools, and much more. Karen Hume’s newest book is a great resource teaching about this century’s characteristic influence on all learners and how educators can respond.

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