WordQ and SpeakQ

WordQ is an assistive word processing software that helps those who struggle with writing. It learns which words you like and predicts words even if they are spelled creatively, and offers a list of words with similar meaning. It provides clear speech feedback by reading aloud any text you highlight, exactly as it’s written. Poor grammar is easy to hear and bad punctuation disrupts the flow. The level of assistance can be easily modified. WordQ is available in English, French, Spanish, and German.

SpeakQ is a plug-in that works with WordQ so users can type the words they know and speak the ones they don’t. SpeakQ can recognize speech from single words to entire paragraphs. It offers suggestions for words users have difficulty pronouncing and can be trained to understand individual voices. Developed by GoQ Software, WordQ + SpeakQ combination is available for PC only and WordQ is available for PC and Mac.

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