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Improve Learning with Colour

Colour has been shown to have an impact on comprehension and learning yet it is surprisingly absent in many class handouts. According to a survey commissioned by Xerox of students in grades 3-12, seven in ten noted that very few or none of their handouts have pictures or charts or graphs in colour. A majority who receive copies at school believe that words or pictures in color would help make schoolwork more interesting and more fun to do. The surveyed students indicated that colour materials are particularly effective for more complex subjects, with 58% saying they would learn more in science if materials were in color.

“With shrinking budgets, color printing does not have to be cost prohibitive. There are affordable options like Xerox’s new ColorQube® 8900 Color Multifunction Printer, which creates documents inexpensively on a wide range of media, including recycled paper,” says Leah Quesada, vice president, Marketing, Enterprise Business Group, Xerox. “With the right tools in place, color can be maximized in the classroom to the benefit of the students.”

To help school administrators affordably manage their print costs, Xerox offers the Hybrid Color Pricing Plan, which automatically analyzes the amount of color used in a document and charges accordingly. For more information on how Xerox can help K-12 schools, visit

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