VINCI Genius tablet

Vinci: Inspire the Genius

VINCI Genius, named after the honourary Leonardo da Vinci, scholar, inventor, and innovator, is a technology-based touch-screen tablet that allows children, 18 months to five years of age, to visualize concepts in order to make learning comprehensible, fun, and entertaining. Founded and created by Dr. Dan D. Yang, this revolutionary tablet was invented to build confidence by inspiring children to explore and discover. Through a series of different games and activities covering a wide range of subject matters, VINCI aims to build the capabilities of children and, in turn, attain success. The VINCI Genius features the latest touchscreen technology, Android OS, and 3D animation. The device complies with Child Safety Standards. Its protective handle is PVC, latex and BPA-free.

The VINCI curriculum is designed to engage, educate, and empower children to achieve goals they set out to do. Divided into three categories, The Curious (first level), The Confident (second level), and The Capable (third level), this learning system is tailored to accommodate the different aspects of a child’s developing mind. The various subjects they cover include: Thinking Skills, Social & Emotional Understanding, Language & Literacy, Mathematics & Logic, Knowledge, and Science.


Level One Thinking Skills focuses on the discovery and exploration of objects, whereas Level Three focuses on learning by observing, investigating, and planning.

Level Two Social & Emotional Understanding revolves around self-regulating feelings of the self toward others, whereas Level Three revolves around learning histories, cultures, and what is right versus what is wrong.

Level One Language & Literacy teaches basic nouns and verbs, whereas Level two teaches directional words and adjectives. Then compared to Level Three, children learn basic storytelling, letters, and phonetics.

Level One Mathematics & Logic focuses on building quantity sense and learning numbers 1-5, whereas Level Three focuses on counting and understanding basic addition and subtraction.

Level Two Knowledge teaches kids about similarities and differences, categories and subcategories, whereas Level Three teaches kids about geography, animals, and understanding self-purpose.

Level Two Science aids children in making connections between the movement of time and everyday life, whereas Level Three aids children in building observation and investigation skills.

Specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers, VINCI is an interactive technology that provides fun and entertaining education that develops essential skills with life-long benefits.

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