The Pollination Project: Grants for Teacher


The nonprofit organization, The Pollination Project is seeking 20 compassionate educators who are committed to creating a just, peaceful, and healthy world through school-based projects that directly promote environmental stewardship, social justice, human rights or animal protection. Winning teachers will receive a $1000 grant to launch or expand a project, plus paid tuition in Institute for Humane Education’s 6-week online course Teaching for a Positive Future, peer support, and guidance from seasoned nonprofit leaders and like-minded social justice activists.

The Pollination Project awards seed grants to individuals working in areas like sustainability, social justice, community health and wellness, arts and media. Its “pollination philanthropy” model of giving seed money directly to people, instead of established entities, is intended to help change-makers launch new ideas—and teachers have unique opportunities to strike at the roots and create a more just, peaceful, healthy future.

This is an ideal opportunity for teachers interested in starting a new school club dedicated to human or animal rights, implementing a green initiative, creating a relevant art/theatre/music program, or a technology or media project to address a social issue.

Applications are being accepted from any educator, at any level (preschool through post-graduate), anywhere in the world, with priority given to educators working in traditionally underserved communities. The deadline for Fall grants is September 22, 2013.

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1 comment on "The Pollination Project: Grants for Teacher"

  1. Paula Hintz

    What a great idea. Please send me the paper work to write this grant. This year class needs has presented a very unique challenge in my 2 nd grade classroom. Appreciate your time and efforts to make our world better.

    Mrs. Hintz

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