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Webstuff: Educational YouTube Channels

Most people consider YouTube a good way to waste time, watching silly cat videos and other inane things, but it can also be a powerful tool for learning in the classroom. Here are four great YouTube channels that are fun and informative supplements to curriculum work.
Smarter Every Day


Hosted by an enthusiastic Alabama man named Destin, Smarter Every Day is a science show dedicated to using demonstrations and a high-speed camera to look at the fascinating and interesting physics in nature and in the everyday human world. From the science of how cats land on their feet to the physics of slingshots, Smarter Every Day is a great addition to any high school physics lesson.

Crash Course


Crash Course is an educational series hosted by Hank and John Green that delves into a variety of subjects such as, math, chemistry, history, literature, etc., to provide students with lively, easy to follow explanations for difficult concepts. The literature section for example, gives students humourous and thorough discussions of Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, and other notable literary works. Crash Course is a great study aid for students in a variety of subjects.




MinutePhysics is a channel featuring short two- to four‑minute long videos explaining physics and math concepts with fun hand-drawn animation and narration. These videos make a great introduction to math and physics classes and do a good job of explaining concepts in a concise fashion.

The Virtual School


The Virtual School features math and science videos for elementary to high school aged students. Videos explain concepts from atoms to integers, and even isotopes. Subjects also vary from math to the sciences—ecology, biology, and chemistry. This channel presents concepts with animated visuals and also provides the viewer with a playlist of science-themed music videos (such as a song about macromolecules set to Gangnam Style) that are bound to amuse students and spark their interest in science.

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