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Field Trips: Historic Homesteads

All across Canada, there are century-old homesteads that have been wonderfully preserved and maintained. They are open to the public and many properties host tours, discussions, and demonstrations about what life was like for the families who occupied these homes. Here is a list of some of the excellent old homesteads across Canada that will make great destinations for history field trips for all grades.

Huble House

Located just outside of St. George, British Columbia, Huble House is an old homestead built in 1912. It has been restored to its Victorian era glory, and the site also boasts an old post office, a general store, a blacksmith with a fully functioning forge, and a recreated First Nations Settlement. School Tours are offered at an inexpensive $3.00 per student as well, and in-class visits can also be scheduled.


Seager Wheeler Farm

The Seager Wheeler Farm is located northeast of Saskatoon. Built in the early 1900’s by renowned farmer, Seager Wheeler who won numerous awards for his wheat, the farm has been fully restored to its 1919 condition along with the farming equipment used in that era. Students can tour the grounds, learning about the history and importance of agriculture and specific farming practices in Canada. This a great field trip for children learning about farming or Canadian prairie history.



Florillon National Park

Florillon National Park is located in the Gaspé Peninsula (the tip that borders New Brunswick) and boasts a small fishing village filled with the history of Canada’s fisheries from the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century. A visit to the Hyman and Sons General Store and the Anse-Blanchette homestead will demonstrate the importance of the cod fishery to villagers of the town many decades earlier and students will learn of an important piece of their province’s history.

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Fraser’s Homestead in Glenn Margaret, Nova Scotia, Fraser’s Homestead has over 100 years of history, including being the home of storyteller and artist Ivan Fraser, famous for his novel and legend of Peggy’s Cove. Fraser conducts tours of his home-turned museum and gives students a lively and interesting foray in Nova Scotia lore and history.

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