The Soccer Book

The Soccer Book
By David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton
Published by DK
Reviewed by Martha Beach

Get ready for the World Cup! The Soccer Book is a visual guide to the game of soccer. It includes a huge amount of information on rules, the set-up and position of players on the field as well as different countries’ players, clothing, equipment, and much more.

The book is easy-to-read and includes many colour graphics and photos to help readers understand rules of the game and core details, such as player placements and what their job is on the field. There are descriptions of different play-strategies as well as overview-graphics of fields and each player’s position.

Also, there is a section that describes the history of the game and another section that showcases different players and their skills. Plus, mixed in throughout the text are interesting facts, like average distance travelled by a player during a game, and different statistics, like the goals conceded per match, per country, in past world-cup games. With this book as your guide, the World Cup will be a cinch to understand, follow, and appreciate.

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