An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People

An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People:
I have Lived Here Since the World Began

By Arthur J. Ray
Published by Key Porter Books
Reviewed by Martha Beach and Lisa Tran

This illustrated text chronicles the history of Canada’s Native People, from their first contact with settlers to their current land claims. The book includes many black and white photographs, aboriginal paintings, and maps throughout the text to help enhance the reader’s understanding of native history.

Canada’s Natives have lived on the land since the Ice Age and were accomplished traders, artisans, farmers and hunters long before the first Europeans reached the shores. The contact between Aboriginals and European explorers was, at first, a period of growth and opportunity. But the extremely different cultures soon clashed.

From the Native People’s settlement in Canada 12,000 years ago to the events that we now see on our evening news and in newspapers, An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People is a text that encapsulates the detailed history of one of our founding groups of people.

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