Sun and Storms

Sun and Storms: Canadian Summer Weather
By Nicole Mortillaro
Ages 6-9
Published by Scholastic Canada
Reviewed by Martha Beach

Sun and Storms is the perfect book for young meteorologists. It’s a great introductory book for students who wish to learn about how weather affects their own lives.

This easy-to-understand book explains simple weather concepts that relate to Canadian summers. With this text, younger students can learn how rain is formed and why things like tornadoes and thunderstorms happen.

The text includes simple weather concepts, colour photographs, clear diagrams, a glossary, and a table of contents. It is simple to follow and perfect for classroom use because it is directly related to school curriculum.

This particular title launched the Canada Close Up series, which is a non-fiction children series for today’s young students. Entertaining, informative and educational, Sun and Storms: Canadian Summer Weather is a text for curious, young, summer minds.

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