The English Garden at Night

The English Garden at Night
By Linda Rutenberg and Christopher Woodward
Published by Verve Editions
Reviewed by Lisa Tran

The English Garden at Night
will take you on a midnight tour like no other through some of England’s most magnificent gardens.

The book is the perfect accompaniment for anyone who has ever wandered through a lush garden during the day and wondered what it may look like come nightfall.

Your journey begins after midnight, long after the tours have ended. Photographer Linda Rutenberg captures the shimmering flowers, trees, and fountains that are normally veiled under the darkness of the night. The moonlight gives the sleeping plants a special glow and carefully frames their stillness, mystery, and soliloquy of shadows.

Christopher Woodward, Director of the Museum of Garden History, introduces us to the gardens in an eloquent essay and the beautiful photographs are preceded by intimate introductions penned by those who know the gardens best.

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