By Doug TenNapel
Ages 10+
Published by Scholastic Canada
Reviewed by Martha Beach

is a children’s graphic novel that is sure to be a page-turner for any student.

Garth, a normal kid, likes to read and play make-believe with his toys. But Garth, as we find out in the first few pages, is terminally ill.

Garth’s life is drastically altered when a washed-out agent from the Supernatural Immigration Task Force accidentally sends him to Ghostopolis – the world of the dead.

This once regular guy suddenly finds himself in a ghost’s world where he has powers that even ghosts don’t have. While in the world of the dead, Garth can do things that the ghosts can’t; he flies, disappears, and walks through walls while the dead are bound by Ghostopolis’ rules of gravity and physics. In the world of the dead, Garth can do anything he imagines.

Garth is on the adventure of his life. He has to use his new powers to fight the evil ruler of Ghostopolis, all the while he has to try and get back home.

Ghostopolis is a graphic novel jam packed with adventure, battle, and travel. Plus, during his escapade, Garth learns something very important about his life – his long, long life.

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