Power: Ethical Debates about Resources and the Environment

Dilemmas in Modern Science- Power: Ethical Debates About Resources and the Environment
By Kate Ravilious
Ages 12+
Published by Smart Apple Media
Reviewed by Martha Beach and Lisa Tran

You’re probably spending much of your leisure time outdoors this summer. But are you really noticing the environment around you?

Everything in our world is connected and has an effect on the natural world-from the electricity used to power your air conditioner to the gas you use to drive to the cottage.

Dilemmas in Modern Science series is eye-opening understanding of ethical issues surrounding modern science and technology. Power: Ethical Debates about Resources and the Environment focuses on controversial issue surrounding our resources.

Power presents both sides of environmental issues involving natural resources, including environmental ethics, power and energy, renewable resources, transportation, travel, wood, and water use. Each section focuses on a different issue, and, after providing students with facts about the different problems, the students are asked questions that they can debate about and attempt to answer.

The questions will get students thinking, talking and paying attention to important ethical issues about the power they use every day.

So, while you’re cooking that burger on your grill, think about where the propane you’re using came from and how its journey may have affected the environment around you.

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