Love Struck

Love Struck
By Chantel Simmons
Published by Key Porter Books
Reviewed by Lisa Tran

Poppy Ross leads a seemingly perfect life. She’s a successful career woman, working as an image consultant and is married to her devoted husband, Parker.

All of that quickly changes however, when Poppy discovers Parker is having an affair. Before she can confront him, he is conveniently struck by lightning and loses his memory. In an attempt to save her marriage, Poppy remakes herself in the mistress’ image.

Poppy’s question to become Parker’s perfect woman has hilarious and disastrous results. Her misadventures mirror many of the inner struggles shared by women everywhere. Love Struck is a tale of love, loss, friendship, mischief, determining one’s self-worth, and many “She did what?!” moments.

You will laugh and you will cry and then laugh some more.

If you enjoy the likes of Sophie Kinsella and Jennifer Weiner, you will surely love Chantel Simmons’ sophomore title, Love Struck.

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