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Powering Math Learning for Students

Powering Math Learning for Students

This post is sponsored by Mathletics

Mathletics is a K-10 online learning space proven to increase math scores and designed to provide students with a captivating learning experience.

The online math resource empowers learners to feel confident, think critically, seek help when they need it. Students can reflect on their learning by being able to visually track their progress. Mathletics courses adapts to the learning pace of each child and are aligned to school curriculum.

Live Mathletics:

Games and apps in the Play area of the resource target math fluency, including the famous Live Mathletics. In Live Mathletics students can challenge each other around the world or within the classroom to a real-time race that tests the speed and accuracy of their maths skills. Points are awarded for correct answers and beating their own high score. However the live gaming area of Mathletics is so much more than a fun diversion. It’s a fast-paced and exciting way to improve core math fluency.

A rewarding experience…

Different students want different rewards. This includes earning upgrades for the student’s personal avatar as well as earning points credits for correct answers. A weekly target of 1000 points earns a certificate, building through bronzesilver and gold across the year, promoting long-lasting engagement. Furthermore, top-scoring students are showcased on the Mathletics Top 100 global or country Hall of Fame.

Other engaging features for primary students include:

  1. The Concept Search, an interactive and visual dictionary of mathematical terms. Explore and learn through modelling and pictorial representations.
  2. The Times Tables Toons. Sing, dance and rock your way through the times tables. A fun way to learn multiplication facts.
  3. Rainforest Math, a wildly bright, colourful and vibrant area of Mathletics with a selection of simpler activities.

Engaging features for secondary students include: a study-focused interface with targeted and adaptive practice activities with animated support, as well as video content and a huge library of printable eBooks.

Check out what a principal has to say about Mathletics engaging students: 

“Mathletics has engaged and encouraged all of my middle school students to become confident mathematicians. For the students that have always had success in math, the program is set to reach and extend their learning to maximize their potential. As for my students that have never been able ‘to do’ math or never ‘got it’ they have be able to feel success and want to learn and be challenged to more difficult material. Parents cannot believe their child (ren) wanting to do their math homework.

The goal for my students was to engage and feel they can be successful in math….Mathletics made that happen and unlocked many of our students’ potential and more importantly their confidence in math.” – Principal, Sir William Gage Middle School, ON

Learn more about Mathletics and all of the engaging tools for learning HERE.