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Experiential Learning

Movement in the Classroom

After teaching at an alternative middle school for the past 4 years, the one thing I constantly hear from new students is: “We can move around in your room and not get in trouble?

Students as Teachers

I love to read. I consume as many books as my schedule allows and often find the time even when there isn’t any. However, that quantity combined with my overloaded memory ...

Learning Math Through Movement

The typical image of math class conjures up a scene of students bent studiously over worksheets, working out problems on paper. Imagine a math class where kids are hopping up ...

Ukulele in the Classroom

Making music with a ukulele is a great group learning experience. Classes as young as grade three can learn the elements of music.

The Changing Nature of Play

Children run around McCleary Playground, located in Toronto’s Leslieville. The ground is covered in soft grass and wood chips; logs, boulders, and saplings fill the small, ...