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Addressing Online Bullies, Offline

Charlie Kuhn gets nervous when educators say their school has a “zero tolerance” for bullying. He calls the statement a “red flag.” That might sound surprising. As the ...

Change Your Classroom with Gratitude

Often, we forget our students come to class each day with a lot more on their minds than academics. Despite this, my students willingly express gratitude each morning.

Teaching Tolerance

Matthew Bojer and Tim Zaal are two featured speakers from the Museum of Tolerance who regularly share their stories to spread the word of peace and tolerance worldwide.

Helping Students Learn Through Grief

Teachers are often first responders to tragedy. They work with students who are experiencing individual loss. Students may ask teachers about large-scale crises, like natural ...

Empathy: The Language of Emotion

Every day, a Grade 2 student (let’s call her Rose) repeatedly asks the other girls in her class to play with her. One of those classmates (who we’ll call Meg) gets fed up and ...

Real-World Tips for Anti-Bullying

Today it appears that bullying incidents are under the microscope as much as they have ever been. Some would say this is an undesired outcome of an expanded role by the media ...