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Social Studies and History

Women In and Out of the Closet

When the Canadian government updated the criminal code in 1954, it made a small but significant change to the law regarding gross indecency. It removed the phrase “male ...

SOGI: Getting the Terminology Right

Gender fluid. Two-spirit. Trans. Cisgender. These are some of the terms students can use to describe themselves and where they are on the spectrum of sexual orientation and ...

LGBTQ+ Refugees in Canada

The persistence of violence against LGBTQ+ people in countries where homosexuality is legal remains worrisome and creates a refugee situation that is not that easy to prove.

Trying to Lay Low

It isn’t easy to teach the history of decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada. We interviewed three gay men who were there and remember what it was like.

Road to Confederation

Two dynamic stories depicting struggles and triumphs. Volume 1: Baldwin & LaFontaine built Responsible Government laying the groundwork for modern democracy. Volume 2: the ...

Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote

This is the true story of how Canadian women achieved the vote after a long struggle. Women faced and overcame challenge after challenge that impeded their progress. Led by ...