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What Language is Code?

In a world that is striving to create universal accessibility, it’s important that students be exposed to the idea of programming with multiple languages in mind.

Cyber Security in the Classroom

Before Emilie Ritchen Elementary School in Oxnard, California adopted one-to-one digital devices, it was chaos. Multiple apps on multiple machines meant kids were always ...

Tech and Reading

Students like Jasmine are likely digital natives: they’ve grown up with technology and they find enjoyment from tablets, phones, laptops, social media, games, and videos. ...

Fear Not The Robot

Robots aren’t just hobbies for students tinkering in basements or garages anymore. Many schools start robotics classes after seeing how popular the clubs are.

Helping Kids With Dyslexia

Technology can be a classroom boon for those who are dyslexic. Computer-based experiences can promote social emotional learning, ensuring kids who have trouble with reading ...

Addressing online bullies, offline

Charlie Kuhn gets nervous when educators say their school has a “zero tolerance” for bullying. He calls the statement a “red flag.” That might sound surprising. As the ...