Great Canadian Books

TEACHables is our video series that explores educational topics in entertaining ways. This collection, in collaboration with Canadian School Libraries and Bibliovideo, showcases Canadian-authored books as valuable teaching tools to help engage students. The videos are also accompanied by original teaching resources for follow-up and follow through.


Indigenous Voices

Featured Books

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Facets of Courage (Recommended for Primary)

Lesson 2: Inuit Culture, Lifestyle, and Traditions (Recommended for Junior)

Lesson 3: Impact of Residential Schools (Recommended for Middle School)

Lesson 4: Seven Sacred Teachings (Recommended for Middle School)

Lesson 5: Violence Against Indigenous Women (Recommended for High School)

Global Issues

Featured Books

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Access to Education (Recommended for Primary)

Lesson 2: Refugee Children (Recommended for Primary)

Lesson 3: Gender Equality (Recommended for Junior)

Lesson 4: Migration (Recommended for Junior)

Lesson 5: Poverty, Food Insecurity, and Homelessness (Recommended for Junior)

Lesson 6: Housing Insecurity and Homelessness (Recommended for Middle School) 

Lesson 7: Refugee Experiences (Recommended for Middle School)

Lesson 8: Sustainability (Recommended for Middle School)

Lesson 9: Climate Change (Recommended for High School)

Lesson 10: Cyber Security (Recommended for High School)

Lesson 11: LGBTQ2S+ (Recommended for High School)

Lesson 12: Racism (Recommended for High School)

Student Well-Being

Featured Books

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Ableism, Equity, Respect (Recommended for Primary)

Lesson 2: Human Dignity and Water Insecurity (Recommended for Primary)

Lesson 3: Kindness, Respect, Storytelling (Recommended for Junior)

Lesson 4: Self-Image and Identity (Recommended for Junior)

Lesson 5: Mental Health and Empathy (Recommended for Middle School)

Lesson 6: Social Equity and Health (Recommended for High School)