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      Dead Fish Jumping on the Road

      Set in the Sixties, Joe Simpson is a cynical reporter who has survived a nightmare childhood. He leaves the city and moves to the resort town of Applewood where he works on the Applewood Gazette. Coinciding with the arrival of the town’s first hippie, unusual events unfold

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      Mr. X and the Cog Train from Heaven (Get Outta Town!)

      Xerxes Frankel travels the world hosting a reality-based TV series—Get Outta Town! He is a high energy dude with a knack for stumbling into adventures. This stop: Lucerne, Switzerland. Xerxes hooks up with top dog snowboarder, Ludi Magister and cruises through the streets, checks out the sites, the sounds, the eats and a scary incident with

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      Le chemin et ses ombres

      « Le chemin et ses ombres » raconte l’histoire de Selome Fekadu, une jeune fille de 14 ans qui vit dans un village du nord de l’Éthiopie. Elle rêve de devenir enseignante, mais elle est forcée de quitter l’école pour devenir la femme obéissante d’un vacher de la région. Déterminée à faire valoir son droit d’être instruite, Selome s’enfuit de son village en pleine nuit.

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      Mr. X Teen Adventure Series

      Xerxes Frankel travels the world hosting a reality-based TV series. He is a high energy dude with a knack for stumbling into adventures. First stop: Paris. Xerxes hooks up with mad cyclist, Octave Pompidou and checks out the sites, the sounds, the eats and a unique challenge race involving the Eiffel Tower.

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      Why Parents Don’t Respect Teachers

      Many parents are friendly, supportive, and eager to work with teachers to make sure their children get the best possible education. But some parents seem to have a problem with teachers.

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      Let’s Do Haiku!

      Through careful observation and crisp language, haiku draw attention to phenomena that might otherwise go unnoticed. For the writer and the reader, haiku presents things in a way that are innovative and unique leading to a new way of looking at the world.

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      How to be a Responsible Parent

      One thing I hear from teachers on a regular basis is that a small, but growing percentage of parents are ignoring their responsibilities as parents

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      Beyond Borders: An Insider’s View on International Teaching

      International schools have superior teaching resources and facilities, equal access to information, are up on the latest technology, are generally non-profit, have a written curriculum, reside in stimulating cultures, and attract students who, on the whole, are motivated and polite.

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      The Canadian Northern Project

      The question of Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic Archipelago is both important and very current. A number of countries including Russia, the United States and Denmark are claiming part of the Arctic Archipelago as their own territory. The Canadian Northern Project explores this topic in a variety of ways.

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      Canada’s Capital Treasures

      A series of 7 English and French lesson plans celebrate and commemorate key people, places and events as represented by important monuments, buildings, memorials and structures in the nation’s capital.

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      Bridging the Digital Divide

      Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program, empowering youth in underserved communities around the globe

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      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum

      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum is an activity-based educational resource containing four ready-to-go lesson plans that connect Canadian coins to significant people, events, and places in Canadian history.

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