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      The Ruptured Sky

      The Ruptured Sky is a graphic novel that tells that story of First nations involvement in the War of 1812. Without their First Nations allies, the British troops and Canadian militia would have had a difficult time winning the war. Key battles would not have been won and the U.S.-Canada border might not exist today.

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      Cap vers le Nord!

      Cap vers le Nord! raconte l’histoire de la première expédition canadienne dans l’Arctique de 1913 à 1918, dirigée par le célèbre explorateur de l’Arctique Vilhjálmur Stefánsson et son collègue R. M. Anderson.

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      Ezra et le lionceau

      Ezra et le lionceau raconte l’histoire d’un pauvre cireur de chaussures de Gondar en Éthiopie. Ezra rêve d’être le roi de la forêt. Dans ses rêves, il n’est plus pauvre, ne s’en fait plus de ne pas aller à l’école et n’a plus à cirer de chaussures. Il rencontre un lionceau plutôt malin avec qui il se lie d’amitié.

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      Mr. X and the Cog Train from Heaven (Get Outta Town!)

      Xerxes Frankel travels the world hosting a reality-based TV series—Get Outta Town! He is a high energy dude with a knack for stumbling into adventures. This stop: Lucerne, Switzerland. Xerxes hooks up with top dog snowboarder, Ludi Magister and cruises through the streets, checks out the sites, the sounds, the eats and a scary incident with

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      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum

      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum is an activity-based educational resource containing four ready-to-go lesson plans that connect Canadian coins to significant people, events, and places in Canadian history.

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      The Canadian Northern Project

      The question of Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic Archipelago is both important and very current. A number of countries including Russia, the United States and Denmark are claiming part of the Arctic Archipelago as their own territory. The Canadian Northern Project explores this topic in a variety of ways.

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      The Shadowed Road

      The Shadowed Road is an interactive graphic novel experience that includes lesson plans with pedagogical themes on Human Rights, Democracy, Basic Education, and Global Citizenship. For students in grades 6-9 or 6-12 for ESL and ELL students.

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      Bridging the Digital Divide

      Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program, empowering youth in underserved communities around the globe

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      Network Ninja, Teaching Digital Citizenship

      Under the umbrella of Digital Citizenship (DC) are some complex concepts. Netiquette, Internet safety, information usage and cyber bullying are just a few of the topics that teachers explore as they help students unpack what it means to use technology responsibly. Our school went wireless this past January.

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      How To Show Students You Respect Them

      You see, here’s the thing that some of us – teachers and parents alike – don’t really take time to stop and think about: kids’ feelings have value too. And they all have their own needs and wants at any given time.

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      Is Sex Education Working?

      The quality and quantity of a teacher’s own sex education also play a role in the quality and quantity of sex education they provide. “There isn’t a lot of [sexual health education] training provided for teachers.”

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      Expanding Inclusion

      Each year, groups of students in British Columbia begin classes after their peers because schools aren’t sure where to place them. Administrators and teachers often spend the first weeks of school finalizing classroom placements. It can take nearly a month, and often happens while students with disabilities stay at home.

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