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      The Changing Nature of Play

      Children run around McCleary Playground, located in Toronto’s Leslieville. The ground is covered in soft grass and wood chips; logs, boulders, and saplings fill the small, gated area. This leafy playground is part of a new trend. It is a natural playground, made of pathways, trees, shrubs, logs, and boulders from the Canadian Shield.

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      The Altruistic Tourist

      Imagine you are standing in the hot sun on an exotic holiday wearing shorts and sandals. The sky is blue, the grass is green, and you’re looking forward to an evening bike ride. Now imagine you feel absolutely energized as you push a wheelbarrow filled with bricks across a dirt yard to help finish the wall of a house. For some vacationers, the first part sounds […]

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      Transformational Learning

      My journey began in Vancouver 30 years ago, as an aid with Trainable Mentally Handicapped students. Designated as ‘uneducable,’ these students were relegated to gaining work experience. Noticing they easily recounted movie plots and the artists and lyrics Top 40 songs, it occurred to me that the real handicap might be a teaching methodology that was incompatible with their learning styles.

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      Transforming Classroom Technology with Google Apps for Education

      When I reflect on my years working in classrooms with students, I think about how much time it took to access and use essential technology B.G. (before Google). I compare it with what it must have been like for people before electricity and after electricity. B.G.

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      Mr. X Teen Adventure Series

      Xerxes Frankel travels the world hosting a reality-based TV series. He is a high energy dude with a knack for stumbling into adventures. First stop: Paris. Xerxes hooks up with mad cyclist, Octave Pompidou and checks out the sites, the sounds, the eats and a unique challenge race involving the Eiffel Tower.

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      80 Degrees North — The Book

      80 Degrees North chronicles the tale of the first Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1918. Commanded by the famous Arctic explorer, Vilhjalmur Stefansson and his colleague, R.M. Anderson. The expedition encountered tremendous challenges such as extreme weather, the loss of their flagship, the Karluk, that became crushed in the ice and subsequently sank and the loss of lives through misadventure.

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      The Ruptured Sky

      The Ruptured Sky is a graphic novel that tells that story of First nations involvement in the War of 1812. Without their First Nations allies, the British troops and Canadian militia would have had a difficult time winning the war. Key battles would not have been won and the U.S.-Canada border might not exist today.

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      The Gold Book of Lesson Plans

      The Gold Book of Lesson Plans, Volume I and Volume II are essential sources for teachers looking for classroom-ready tools and resources.

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      Bridging the Digital Divide

      Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program, empowering youth in underserved communities around the globe

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      The Canadian Northern Project

      The question of Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic Archipelago is both important and very current. A number of countries including Russia, the United States and Denmark are claiming part of the Arctic Archipelago as their own territory. The Canadian Northern Project explores this topic in a variety of ways.

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      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum

      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum is an activity-based educational resource containing four ready-to-go lesson plans that connect Canadian coins to significant people, events, and places in Canadian history.

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      The Shadowed Road

      The Shadowed Road is an interactive graphic novel experience that includes lesson plans with pedagogical themes on Human Rights, Democracy, Basic Education, and Global Citizenship. For students in grades 6-9 or 6-12 for ESL and ELL students.

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