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      Ezra and the Lion Cub

      Ezra and the Lion Cub tells the story of a poor shoeshine boy in Gondar, Ethiopia. In his dreams, Ezra sees himself as the king of the forest, is not poor, and doesn’t have to worry about going to school or think about shining shoes. He encounters a precocious lion cub and they become friends, but the cub’s mother is not so pleased…

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      The Ruptured Sky

      The Ruptured Sky is a graphic novel that tells that story of First nations involvement in the War of 1812. Without their First Nations allies, the British troops and Canadian militia would have had a difficult time winning the war. Key battles would not have been won and the U.S.-Canada border might not exist today.

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      The Gold Book of Lesson Plans

      The Gold Book of Lesson Plans, Volume I and Volume II are essential sources for teachers looking for classroom-ready tools and resources.

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      Mr. X and the Cog Train from Heaven (Get Outta Town!)

      Xerxes Frankel travels the world hosting a reality-based TV series—Get Outta Town! He is a high energy dude with a knack for stumbling into adventures. This stop: Lucerne, Switzerland. Xerxes hooks up with top dog snowboarder, Ludi Magister and cruises through the streets, checks out the sites, the sounds, the eats and a scary incident with

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      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum

      Roll a Coin Through the Curriculum is an activity-based educational resource containing four ready-to-go lesson plans that connect Canadian coins to significant people, events, and places in Canadian history.

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      The Canadian Northern Project

      The question of Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic Archipelago is both important and very current. A number of countries including Russia, the United States and Denmark are claiming part of the Arctic Archipelago as their own territory. The Canadian Northern Project explores this topic in a variety of ways.

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      Canada’s Capital Treasures

      A series of 7 English and French lesson plans celebrate and commemorate key people, places and events as represented by important monuments, buildings, memorials and structures in the nation’s capital.

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      Bridging the Digital Divide

      Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation’s global signature philanthropy program, empowering youth in underserved communities around the globe

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      Where’s the Beef? Not in the School Caf!

      Bobby Smith is spoiled for choice at lunch time. He can choose from Welsh rarebit, Coq au Vin, or steamed Mussels. If you think that Bobby is dining at a high class bistro you would be mistaken.

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      The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

      If you could take a doctor from the 19th century and transport him (for it would certainly be a man) to a modern hospital, he wouldn’t be able to do much more than walk around and shake hands, spreading disease as he went

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      Different Learning Styles

      When trying to instill values in children, “Kids are like modeling clay.” However, when attempting to analyse the way they learn, there is an urgency to allow kids to “unmold.”

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      What Your Kids Are Really Doing Online

      The Internet affords children endless opportunities to get into serious trouble… But the good news is there’s another use for the Internet that’s attracting their time and attention. It’s called teaching.

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