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Originally published in TEACH Magazine, July/August 2019 Issue

The summer holidays are the perfect time to brainstorm new teaching ideas and classroom activities. Get inspired with the help of these suggested podcasts featuring useful topics for today’s educators, as you gear up for the next school year.

This podcast is more about mindset, productivity, and happiness than it is about new teaching strategies. It helps teachers balance their workload, find their motivation again, and deal with the many pressures of the profession. Every Sunday, Angela Watson brings a helpful topic, such as “4 beliefs to help you focus on what matters most” and “No, you don’t have to consume yourself to light ways for others.”

With his goal to transform classrooms into spaces of imagination and wonder, host John Spencer delivers a podcast on conversations about growth mindset, project-based learning, design thinking, and creativity. Some examples of episodes include “Podcasting can work in any subject,” “5 reasons to pilot student podcasting projects,” and “Seven strategies for building empathy in students.”

The Cult of Pedagogy podcasts includes interviews with educators, administrators, parents, and students about the physiological and social dynamics of K–12 schools. The host Jennifer Gonzalez dives into creative teaching strategies, classroom management, educational technology, and education reform. Find inspirational podcasts such as “Improving the way we teach about slavery,” “6 Ed Tech tools to try in 2019,” and “How accurate are your grades?”

Listen to Twitter discussions of the week on #EdChat with this K–12 educational podcast. #EdChat Radio presents conversations about professional development and personalized learning. You can find thought-provoking podcasts like “What do you wish all parents understood about education?” and “What is the perfect learning space?” This podcast is hosted by Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, and members of the EdChat team of moderators.

Designed for K–12 educators, this weekly podcast gives practical ideas for making the most of the innumerous teaching tools that Google Classroom has to offer. The hosts Matt Miller and Kasey Bell help teachers with Google Docs, Forms, Slides and other tools, making learning better for students and life easier for teachers.