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Lost Boys

Boys seem to be falling behind girls in our society, especially in education. For several years now, there have been discussions and articles about how boys seem to struggle ...

Digital Literacy: A Revolution Begins

Digital literacy is one of those phrases that we use without truly knowing its meaning. But before extending this concept into the future, I went to the past: what is the ...

Educating to Fail

Our education is failing today’s children in a big way. Yet, it’s not only our education system; it’s also our governments, our economy, and our national economic policy.

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

If you could take a doctor from the 19th century and transport him (for it would certainly be a man) to a modern hospital, he wouldn’t be able to do much more than walk around ...

How to be a Responsible Parent

One thing I hear from teachers on a regular basis is that a small, but growing percentage of parents are ignoring their responsibilities as parents