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Special Education

The Case for Fido in the Classroom

These days there is an increased demand—and need—for therapy or service dogs in the classroom. But one of the problems with dogs at school is a lack of national standards.

Helping Kids With Dyslexia

Technology can be a classroom boon for those who are dyslexic. Computer-based experiences can promote social emotional learning, while apps can help to promote reading skills.

Special Needs: An Insider’s Perspective

Dear teacher, You’ve been teaching us about types of writing: the difference between fiction and non-fiction; procedural writing; business letters and personal letters—like ...

Expanding Inclusive Education

Each year, groups of students in British Columbia begin classes after their peers because schools aren’t sure where to place them. Administrators and teachers often spend the ...

Sparking Communication in Autistic Students

As the assistant head of special education at Vaughan Secondary School in the Toronto area, Tim Wesson describes his professional learning journey as one driven by the desire ...

Is There a Formula to Create a Genius?

Is there a formula that can be used to create a genius? This question typically relates to debates over whether someone has the innate ability to be a genius, or whether they ...