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Tuned Out

Tuned Out is a practical resource for educators that focuses on improving student engagement in the 21st century.


Phineas seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of plants, animals, and the natural world

The Arrival

The story of immigration is one so universal that it transcends language. Shaun Tan understands this in his unique graphic novel, The Arrival, a full story of a man who leaves ...

Where the Streets Had a Name

Author, Randa Abdel-Fattah deals with loss, friendship, family, war, and an extremely delicate political subject with grace, humour, and truth.

The Allergy-Free Cookbook

The Allergy-Free Cookbook is unique. There are no dismal, “special diet” versions of recipes. Instead there are dishes from around the world that center on ingredients other ...

Tumbleweed Skies

Written from the perfect view-point of a child, with funny emotions and immature details and thoughts, this novel is bound to have kids hooked and charmed within the first chapter.