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The End of Discipline in the Classroom

The current thinking on discipline is preemptive, rather than reactive. Change how you run your classroom, experts suggest, and discipline issues will no longer be a problem.

Budgeting for Classroom Supplies

It’s time to start prepping the classroom—and to spend money. Here are some ways to reduce the amount you spend as a teacher, and still have a nice classroom.

Students as Teachers

Nothing commits knowledge to memory better than having to teach it. Thus, what better way to teach students a piece of literature than to have them teach it themselves?

Top Tips for Parent Interviews

Preparing for parent-teacher interviews can be as stressful, perhaps more, than assembling the grades often discussed at them—especially because teachers often receive little ...

Change Your Classroom with Gratitude

Often, we forget our students come to class each day with a lot more on their minds than academics. Despite this, my students willingly express gratitude each morning.

No More Permission to Pee

As students transition from elementary to high school, teachers have an opportunity to practice gradually releasing control. Restroom privileges are a good place to start.

Educator Review: Moment to Moment

As teachers or parents we’ve all been there: a child in the midst of a tantrum, crying and beyond consolable. As the title of this resource, suggests, it provides effective ...