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The Future of STEM: Changing Perceptions

If you ask a kid to draw a scientist, most of them will come up with the same image: an elderly man wearing a lab coat and holding a microscope. It’s a stereotype we all know well.

What Language is Code?

In a world that is striving to create universal accessibility, it’s important that students be exposed to the idea of programming with multiple languages in mind.

Fear Not the Robot

Robots aren’t just hobbies for students tinkering in basements or garages anymore. Many schools start robotics classes after seeing how popular the clubs are.

Dystopia 2153

Connecting 21st century skills with the love of reading, Dystopia 2153 is a series of digital stories that teach kids to code. Episode One begins in the year 2153, the world ...

Coding is Cool

It’s official. Computer programming is cool. And not just a tepid sort of as-seen-on-TV cool, but a seething hot rock star kind of cool. It must be, anyhow, if people like ...