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Planet School: Building a Greener World

Administrative policy may dictate how teachers deal with climate strikes. Preparing them for responding to the needs of increasingly ecologically aware students is more complicated.

The Benefits of Large Print Books

I thought large print titles would be good for students with visual impairments or for struggling readers. I had no idea how many regular education students would enjoy them too.

Special Needs: An Insider’s Perspective

Dear teacher, You’ve been teaching us about types of writing: the difference between fiction and non-fiction; procedural writing; business letters and personal letters—like ...

Expanding Inclusive Education

Each year, groups of students in British Columbia begin classes after their peers because schools aren’t sure where to place them. Administrators and teachers often spend the ...

How to Calm Explosive Student Behaviour

An inability to function socially or emotionally is as much of a learning disability as the inability to read. The tragedy of our time is that few people recognize it as such.