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Getting Kids Outside

These apps can be used in the classroom, by students alone, or shared with parents and families to encourage kids to play outside and explore the natural world around them.

Fear Not the Robot

Robots aren’t just hobbies for students tinkering in basements or garages anymore. Many schools start robotics classes after seeing how popular the clubs are.

Math Scores: Why is This a Problem?

There are indications that student math scores are slipping. But there is much that can be done in the classroom to elevate students’ overall understanding of mathematical concepts.

The STEM Effect

Certain buzz words and topics come and go in the arena of education. Currently, the word to know is STEM, the acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Learning Math through Movement

Imagine a math class where kids are hopping up and down, swinging their arms side to side, and shouting out numbers. They’re enjoying themselves—and they’re still learning.